Ferrite / Ceramic

Ferrite magnets have the characteristic of high cost-performance, wide application and good corrosion resistance that does not require surface treatment. Our company can produce a variety of high-performance magnets in different shapes, such as bows, rings, discs, blocks and other special shapes. The main raw material of ferrite magnets is SrO and Fe203.

Standard Ferrite Magnet

USA Standard

Company Standard

1. From CJMG36 to CJMG37B there are lanthane cobalt magnets.
2. The data in the table are the central value, where the tolerance of Br ± 10mT, the tolerance of Hcb ± 8kA/m, the tolerance Hcj ± 8kA/m, the maximum tolerance (BH) ± 0.8kj/m³.
3. The magnetic particle size is divided into A, B, C three, A for the size of the ball material ≤ 10 mm, B for the coarse powder particle size of 3-5 μm, C for the fine particle size < 1μm.

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